Custom Fields

Custom fields are a powerful way in which you can customize Voyzu CRM data to suit your needs. Custom Fields are fully integrated into Voyzu CRM:

  • Custom Fields appear on the Contact add / edit screen for the user to input data
  • Custom Fields appear in the Contacts Search Screen
  • Contacts can be filtered based on Custom Field Data
  • Segments can be created based on Custom Field Data

For users who have connected their Voyzu Login to Google:

  • Custom fields can be exported to Google sheets
  • Custom fields are synchronized with Google Contacts (paid subscription required)

Creating Custom Fields

To create a Custom field navigate to Settings > Custom Fields and click to "Create new custom field". Custom Fields can be of four data types:

  • Text. A free text field
  • Checkbox. A checkbox will be displayed, this can only be checked or unchecked
  • List (single selection). A list will be displayed. Only one selection is possible
  • List (multiple selections). A list will be displayed. Multiple selections are possible

Note that once a data type has been selected and the custom field created then the data type cannot be changed.

Editing Custom Fields

To edit a custom field, select it in the list and click to Edit. Note that if the field is a list data type and you change the list then existing contacts will not be updated, this change will affect the custom field only, no contact data will be changed.

Deleting Custom Fields

To delete a custom field, select it in the list and click to Delete. When you delete a Custom Field then this custom field will be deleted from all contacts having this custom field. I.e. all contact data associated with this custom field will be deleted.

Google Contacts Synchronization

If you or any account users are synchronizing contacts then all custom field changes will be automatically propagated to users’ Google contacts. For example if you change a custom field name, then that custom field will be re-named for all matching Google Contacts.