Voyzu Technology Services

Leverage our skills and technology to increase your digital reach and impact

Voyzu has been in operation for over six years, producing software and supporting clients all over the world. We have recently started offering our technology services on a per-project basis. Leverage our technical know-how, our technology and our expertise to accelerate your digital strategy.

The Voyzu Framework is the difference

Voyzu CRM is built on the Voyzu Framework. This is a comprehensive software development suite designed for one purpose - enabling high quality websites and apps to be developed quickly and supported and operated with minimal cost. We have invested heavily in the Voyzu Framework, meaning you can reap the benefits of our pre-invested time and skills.

Our services:

  • Website Design, Development and Hosting
    Think of your company website as a digital ambassador for your business. We will consult with you to design and develop a digital presence that gets the results you want.

  • App Creation
    A digital / mobile app can be a vital part of your overall digital and marketing strategy. We use an iterative, collaborative process to make sure you get the application functionality you are looking for.

  • Integration
    Software as a Service (SaaS) is everywhere, and most businesses use a variety of SaaS applications. However when these apps don’t talk to each other there can be a lot of manual work, and even confusion, as data can be different between applications. We are experts in application integration and can design, develop and operate your company integration services.

  • Automation
    Do you find yourself or your team spending time doing repetitive tasks? Stuck in an admin black hole? These tasks can be necessary but they are not a good use of your time. Get your time back by automating your business processes. You can have a streamlined, paperless operation, it just takes some focused effort, and a little help from the Automation experts.

Get in touch with Voyzu Consulting and lets journey together towards sucess!