Contact segments

A Segment in Voyzu CRM is way of classifying and dividing your data. Example of segments that you can create in Voyzu include:

  • Contacts who are Organizations (utilizing the Record Type field)
  • Contacts based in the United Kingdom (utilizing the 'Country' field)
  • Organizations with over 200 employees (by creating a Custom Field to store this data)
  • Contacts assigned to a particular Account Manager (by creating a Custom Field to store this data)

Pre-built segments (Leads, Customers Vendors)

When you first create a Voyzu account three segments are created for you:

  • Leads. All contacts who have a Contact Type of 'LEAD'.
  • Customers. All contacts who have a Contact Type of 'CUSTOMER'.
  • Vendors All contacts who have a Contact Type of 'VENDOR'.

These segments can be managed in the same way as any other segment - i.e. they can be deleted or re-named.

Manage Segments

Create a new segment by navigating to 'Segments' > 'Manage Segments' and then clicking 'New Segment'. This will take you to the 'Filter Contacts' screen as segments are created by first filtering contacts. Once a filter has been run, this filter can then be saved as a segment. Segments you mark as "Favorite" will appear in the left-hand navigation menu.

Once created a segment can be edited:

  1. To change the segment name and whether the segment is a Favorite select the segment and click on 'Re-name' segment

  2. To change the Filter conditions of a segment:

    • Locate the segment in Segments > Manage segments
    • Click "Open segment"
    • Open the filter by clicking the arrow next to the "Filter" text
    • Make the modifications you need to
    • Run the filter by clicking 'Search'
    • When you are happy with the new filter conditions click "Save filter changes to segment"

Voyzu can create custom filters for you

Creating a filter can be complex. Also, although the Voyzu filter capability is flexible, it does not cater for all possibilities. For example suppose you wanted to display the 20 most recently added PERSON records. Although filtering by Record Type is possible, limiting the search to 20 records is not possible.

Note that Voyzu can create custom filters for you, and save these as segments so you can run them whenever you want. Costs depend on the filter complexity and start at $75.00 USD. To request a custom filter quote please contact us