Filter Contacts

The Filter contacts screen allows you to apply different search criteria to your contacts. You can specify contacts you want included and contacts you want excluded. By using the "plus" icon at the end of the last filter line you can enter as many search criteria as you want.

To apply filter lines enter the field you want to filter by, the value you want to filter on and the Match Type. The values in the Match Type selection will vary depending on the type of field being filtered. For example a text type field like "First Name" will allow a Match Type of "Contains", meaning return all contacts where the first name includes the value you enter, or "Exact match’ meaning only contacts whose first name exactly matches the value you enter will be returned. Whereas a list field like "Contact Type" will allow a Match Type of Match All or Match Any. See Filter Logic below for more on this.

Filter Logic

Filtering by fields which display a multi-select list

Some fields in Voyzu display a list, and selecting multiple values is possible. For example the Contact Type field displays a list of possible Contact Types and a contact may have one or more Contact Types.

To illustrate how Voyzu filtering works in regards to multi-select lists, consider the case where:

  • You have customized the default Contact Types list to show CUSTOMER, LEAD, PARTNER and VENDOR.
  • You have a contact with Contact Types set to CUSTOMER and VENDOR

If the Match Type is set to "Match Any’ then:

  • A search for CUSTOMER will return the contact.
  • A Search for CUSTOMER and LEAD will return the contact. Although LEAD is not a match, CUSTOMER does match, and the logic here is to match any value.
  • A search for "LEAD’ will not return the contact

If the Match Type is set to "Match All" then:

  • A Search for CUSTOMER and LEAD will not return the contact. This is because although the contact has CUSTOMER Contact Type, they do not have a LEAD Contact Type, and all search terms must be matched in a Match All search.
  • A search for CUSTOMER will return the contact. Note here that the contact also has a Contact Type of VENDOR - the search doesn’t specify VENDOR and yet the contact is still returned. This is because Match All means that all search terms must be present in the contact. It does not mean that the contact's Contact Types and the search Contact Types must be an exact match.
  • A search for LEAD will not return the contact

Include and exclude logic

Filter lines to include use AND logic. Contacts are only returned if they satisfy all Filter lines to include conditions

Filter lines to exclude use OR logic. If any exclude filter criteria is met then the contact is not returned.

Saving filters as segments

Once you have run a filter by clicking on "Search", you have the option to save this filter as a segment. This is useful when you have created a filter you will use often. Instead of creating the filter from scratch every time, you can simply click on the segment you want. For more on contact segments in Voyzu see contact segments

Voyzu can create custom filters for you

Creating a filter can be complex. Also, although the Voyzu filter capability is flexible, it does not cater for all possibilities. For example suppose you wanted to display the 20 most recently added PERSON records. Although filtering by RecordT ype is possible, limiting the search to 20 records is not possible.

Note that Voyzu can create custom filters for you, and save these as segments so you can run them whenever you want. Costs depend on the filter complexity and start at $75.00 USD. To request a custom filter quote please contact us