Google Contacts Synchronization

If you have connected your Voyzu login to Google then Voyzu will automatically keep your Voyzu contacts database and your Google contacts in sync. This article explains how this process works.

Note that a paid subscription is required to enable Google Contacts synchronization

Connect your Voyzu login to Google Workspace

To enable synchronization you need to connect the Gmail address you use to login to Voyzu, with Google Workspace. Doing this will give permission to Voyzu to access your Google contacts. This is done by navigating to the Dashboard. Connecting is a simple process, taking only 30 seconds or so. You will generally only need to do this one time. If for some reason this connection between Voyzu and Google is not working then the dashboard will display a "not connected" message. You need only refresh your connection if this happens.

You can only connect your own Voyzu login to Google, you cannot connect other users' logins, each user must do this themselves.

Voyzu contacts are labeled "#voyzu shared" in Google Contacts

All Voyzu contacts are visible in Google Contacts under the "#voyzu shared" label. It is possible for a Voyzu contact to have multiple labels, but the contact will always have the #voyzu shared label.

Synchronization timings

When a change is made in Voyzu then this change is made to your Google contacts, and also applied to the Google contacts of all users who have connected their Voyzu login to Google. Google contacts are generally updated for all users within minutes.

Changes made in Google contacts are replicated to Voyzu approximately every four hours. Every four hours Voyzu will query all connected users' Google Contacts, and apply any changes found back into the Voyzu contacts database.