Adding / Updating a contact

Record Type

Contacts in Voyzu have a "Record Type" classification, this can be either "PERSON" if the contact is an individual or "ORGANIZATION" for contacts that are entities such as businesses, charities, clubs and so on. If the contact is a person then the person's first and/or last name must be entered. If the contact is an organization then you must provide an organization name.

Contact Settings

Some contact fields depend on how you have set up Voyzu:

Contact Types

When you first create a Voyzu account, three Contact Types are created: "CUSTOMER", "LEAD" and "VENDOR". You can modify which contact types appear in the Contact Types list by navigating to Settings > Contact types.


You can modify which labels appear in the Labels list by navigating to Settings > Labels.

Custom Fields

You create and modify Custom Fields by navigating to Settings > Custom Fields. Custom fields can be of various types. For example if you specify a "LIST" type Custom Field, then the list will be displayed as a select list.

Synchronization with Google Contacts

If you have connected your Voyzu login to your Gmail email then any changes you make to a Voyzu contact will automatically be applied to that same contact in your Google contacts. Changes will also be propagated through to all Voyzu users who have connected their Voyzu login to Google. For more information on Google Contacts synchronization see Contacts synchronization.