Managing Users

Voyzu users can access Voyzu and manage contacts. On paid accounts, users can also connect their Voyzu login to their Google Workspace to enable two-way contacts synchronization.

Voyzu supports three levels of user:

Owner An owner has all the rights of an Administrator plus additional rights to:

  • Add or remove other owners. An account can have multiple owners and must have at least one owner.
  • Purchase or cancel a subscription
  • Receive invoices and other billing information

Administrator An administrator has all the rights of a User plus additional rights to:

  • Add, update and delete other Administrators
  • Add, update and delete Users

User Apart from the Owner and Administrator permissions listed above, users have full access to Voyzu and can:

  • Manage Contacts
  • Manage Segments
  • Manage Settings, meaning users can add or remove Labels, Custom Fields and Contact Types

Gmail or Google Worksplace addresses required

Either a Google (Gmail) email address or a Google Workspace address is required for all Voyzu users.

Viewing Users

When you select Users > Manage users from the navigation a list of all users is displayed, along with their role. Note that the "Connected" tick box means that a user has at one time connected their Voyzu login to Google. The status of the connection is not checked, meaning it is possible that a user who shows as Connected may not have a current, valid connection.

Adding a new user

Add a new user by navigating to Users > New user. When a new user is added they will receive an email with a link to Voyzu. The user will not need to enter a password, as by adding this new user you have already authorized them.

Updating users

As an administrator you can update User details. Note that users can also update their own details by clicking on My Profile. Note that you cannot update a user's email address (which is also the user’s login) - either delete the user and re-create them or else the user can change their own email address by navigating to their profile.

Note that you cannot change your own role. Only another user with ADMIN permissions can change your role. To view account admins navigate to Users > Manage users.

Deleting users

As an administrator you can delete users. No notification will be sent.